My name is Dave Ainsworth. I am a Christian, husband, father, and pastor. I am just thirty-three years old, so I'm not old enough to do any of those things very well. If you took a look inside my head, you would quickly realize I am severely under-qualified for my life. I often feel like a boy in men's clothing.

And, in my mind, there's no better reason to start a blog!

Wisdom comes from experience. Experience comes with time. But in the Christian life, we're regularly called to move ahead of our experience, living and serving and leading where we've never gone before. Everyday, I need more wisdom and experience than I have.

That's why I really value listening to others. When I listen well, I gain from another's experience. It's as if I'm adding years to my life, and so growing my potential for wisdom. In listening and learning from others, I can run out ahead of my youth and be better prepared for the life of faith God has called me to.

This website is a journal of my efforts to listen and profit from the stories of others. There are many valuable websites which uncover resources within evangelicalism, so I hope to branch out a bit. You can expect me to highlight stories from long-form journalism, books, news and other media. You can also expect occasional inactivity -- blogging isn't always at the top of my priority list.

But, if you're like me and you need more wisdom than you have, listen along and let's learn together. And if you stumble across something valuable yourself, pass it along.