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Comments Policy

Why I'm Here

As I have said, this blog exists to help me better listen and learn from others, and so grow in wisdom. I hope you're reading this blog for the same reason. If so, comments can help us to achieve our shared purpose.

Basically, when considering someone's comment, I'm going to ask myself whether the contents and spirit of the post are clearly furthering our aim -- to listen and learn. Discussion and disagreements are welcome, but soap boxes and diatribes are not. It's useless to wage wars on a blog.

So, questions I might ask myself: Is this comment marked by respect and relevancy? Is the conversation progressing, or are we talking in circles? In all these areas, please feel free to hold me to my own standard. This comments policy is as much for me as anyone.

Why I Might Be Elsewhere

More importantly, I have also told you I have many roles to fill. I am a Christian, husband, father, and pastor. My prayer is that this blog encourages faithfulness in these roles, not absence from them. I cannot be distracted from life by posts and comments.

That means sometimes I might not participate in conversations as much as some would like. If you have something you need me to respond to personally, then use the contact page and I'll do my best.

Please trust my conscience here. Unless, that is, you believe I'm commenting too much. In that case, tell me to stop playing and do some real work. I need that sometimes, too.